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Body Language | Psychology

Body Language | Psychology


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This app provides a guide through over 50 gestures and expressions, along with almost 100 quiz questions. By learning body language you will understand yourself better and also improve your ability to read people.
All content presented in the app is based on psychology books, academic papers and our own research.

Main Features:

Gestures & Micro Expressions:
Comprehensive descriptions of gestures and expressions, each containing at least one example photo and description of how the gesture looks and what’s its meaning. To make everything more practical, for many behaviors there are also: advice, fun facts, lie detection cues and triggers.

Realistic Photos
Every single gesture comes with an illustrative, cartoon photo. Additionally, many gestures also come with example, realistic photos. This lets you see certain gestures presented in different settings and on different people.

8 different quizzes with almost 100 questions which will help you test your knowledge and understanding of body language.

Body Language | Psychology
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Body Language | Psychology
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