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Iron Saga – Epic Robot Battler

Iron Saga – Epic Robot Battler


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Mazinkaiser Collaboration Under way! The Reigning Demon God Emperor – Mazinkaiser arrived! Join time limited event, unlock special rewards and get your free collab units!

Are you ready to start your career as an ACE mech pilot of unstoppable war machines in robot battles you always imagined? Dynamic combat, breathtaking animations, and riveting stories are waiting for you!

– Over 500 animated humanoid mecha with unique designs ready to battle under your command!
– Over 150 gorgeously-drawn characters with distinctive skills, themed skins and stories.
– Customize your battle setup freely and crush your opponents worldwide!
– Explore the massive mecha world and immerse in the heart-pounding stories.
– Free up your hands and collect resources at any time in Expedition system.
– Captivating soundtrack written by the world-renown composer Hiroyuki Sawano.
– Classic mecha design by the anime director and character designer Masami Ōbari.
– Voice actors featuring Maaya Uchida, Rie Kugimiya, Yuichi Nakamura, Yui Ishikawa, Marina Inoue, Saori Hayami and more!
– Greet friends daily to earn bonus rewards, challenge them and join in clans together!

The world was once engulfed in a sea of flames caused by twelve battle mechas, later called the ‘Grand Gods’.
Fast forward centuries, and the war is but a legend forgotten by time – it is a memory that humanity can barely recall. But then, the emergence of "Battle Mechs" suddenly jolts the entire world awake. Forces of all manner and kind conspire in the shadows, all eager to lay their hands on this world-destroying technology – and they will rekindle the fires of war among the world’s armies, mercenaries and bounty hunters to get it.
Meanwhile, ACE pilots from all over the world are scrambling to assemble. The legend of the Battle Mecha begins now! Ace commanders, assemble!

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- New Collab Mecha: Ashura Mazinger, Aphrodite A and Mazinkaiser.
- New Collab Retrofit: Mazinkaiser • SAGA.
- New Collab Pilots: Koji Kabuto, Tetsuya Tsurugi, Sayaka Yumi and Boss.
- New Collab Event Story available.
- New Collab Login Event: Freebies await!
- Collab Dimensional Research Institute: Special collab items available.
- A whole lot of fixes, tweaks and quality of life improvements!
Iron Saga – Epic Robot Battler
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Iron Saga – Epic Robot Battler
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